Red Light Review

LED Therapy for Anti Aging

LED Light Therapy  involves the use of one or more light colors, usually blue for acne and red for anti-ageing. Many devices have three different lights (red for anti aging , blue for acne, and green for dry skin) and each light deactivates the photoreceptors in the skin. After that, the skin is able to absorb any phototosentizing agents as well as energy.


Since we’re speaking about Red Light, this one goes through the skin as deep as 10 milimeters. The Red Light is mainly used for wrinkles, and anti-ageing therapy. Althought it can also reduce acne as well as improving blood circulation.

The second light, the blue one is -as said before- used for acne but also shrinks pores. It helps with oily skin and heals acne scars. This device is able to go through 0.5 milimeters and has antibacterial properties which is important when battling acne.

The last one is used for dry skin and helps with dehydrated skin. The green light will calm your skin providing you anti-inflammatory properties.

One of the major benefits about these devices is that they can be used at home. No need to spend more money in expensive treatments. You can do it yourself at home.


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How does LED therapy work?

When we talk about LED Light therapy, not many people know what it is or how it works. This is probably why some people get a little bit skeptical about these products. But there are many benefits about light therapy. The first one is definitely its ease of use. It’s a very simple and safe product. You can do it at home without worrying. Sometimes a photensitizing agent is applied before treatment, so this way it will absorb fast and easily.


Many of these devices are usually meant to be used for at least 30 minutes every single time. Now, you might want to know how the handheld devices work. First of all, handheld devices are a good option and the best alternative to expensive treatments. They’re very effective as they are applied directly to the skin. In this sense the absorption works better than it does with an non – handheld device.

LED Therapy : Side Effects?

Unless you have an ultra sensitive skin, -and even with that- there are very little chances of any kinds of side effects. But if you’re skin is very sensitive you could suffer from slight irritation and redness. If you combine this therapy with phosensitizing , you could experience swelling, redness and also flareups.


As for UV Light , normally you should wear goggles to protect your eyes from the light but other than that UV light is actually pretty safe, skin cancer is not something you shout be worried about.

You need to know that after treatment is done, you have to avoid sunlight as much as possible. Typically, people avoid the sunlight for 24 hours, even more. Of course, you’re not supposed to stay at home  and lock yourself inside for the rest of the day. But you’re not supposed to go to the beach and get tanned either. We’re talking about extremes. Either way if you’re going out you should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30.

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 Led  Therapy Safe with other skincare treatment?

Skincare treatment can perfectly be combined with LED therapy with safety.  As long as you use natural and medicinal treatments , combination of both should not be a concern. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend you consult your doctor before administering any treatment and ensure aboslute safety.

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