Blue Light, Red Light Therapy or Simply Use Facial mask

If you are sick of expensive treatments and you want to avoid medication as much as possible, keep reading. Acne is a skin condition that affects millions of people. The majority don’t treat their condition and if untreated it can take its toll over the years. Not only is it hurtful, but it can also shatter someone’s confidence as it’s not very pleasant to watch.


But there is one different  solution that will help you get rid of these uncomfortable pimples. Blue Light Therapy is the revolutionary way that kills the bacteria responsible for pimples. Propionibacterium acnes is the bacteria that causes you inflammation as it clogs your pores. You will probably have to wait many weeks before you get the results that you want. Other than that, you will not feel any pain as it doesn’t hurt at all.

But if you want to get some professional help, you can visit a dermatologist for intensive sessions and it might help you to get the results you want a bit faster. On the other hand, if you would rather do it yourself , now you can treat your acne at home and get quite similar results as you would in a clinic. Whether you do it yourself or someone else do it for you, blue light therapy is probably the best option.


Who can take advantage of Blue Light

Blue light therapy is meant for red inflammatory acne and it will work with red skin and irritated skin, however if you suffer from cystic acne, Blue light therapy might not work as a good option, because it does not have the same strong impact on cystic acne. If you suffer from cystic acne, try other treatments such as creams and talk to your doctor about this condition before you decide which treatment suits you the best.

If you suffer from epilepsy, you should avoid Blue Light therapy or any sort of light therapy, as your brain is already sensitive to lights. Also, if you are pregnant, light therapy isn’t recommended for you either, it can affect the unborn’s growth


The treatment itself is not expensive, there are many at-home devices that you can buy and compare the prices. However, if you want to have several sessions, that’s when the treatment becomes expensive. Of course, you will probably get better results since it’s more expensive and you’re paying twice as much as a regular device.

There are several Blue Light Therapy devices that you can choose from such as:

Revive Blue Light Therapy Device

It’s a handheld device, you can find many sizes of this product. They are great for travelling because they don’t take too much of your space. They’re not expensive and they are very easy to use. It kills bacteria and helps your skin to heal faster.

RVACES-Acne-LightTherapy-large-device_db4c5b8a-0d94-46e1-854f-c5980458a5cfHowever, the main disadvantage you might find with this device is also the advantage, maybe you find it a bit small especially if you have big skin conditions.


Red Light Therapy Panel device for Anti-Aging

This device also works for anti-aging. Panel therapy is very comfortable and easy to use. You don’t need your hands to hold the panel. It’s the perfect item for your face.


However it’s a very big device, so if you need to travel, the panel device can be a little bit uncomfortable to travel with since their size are quite big.

In any case, the treatment will work better if you combine it also with a healthy lifestyle and avoid all the things that make your skin oily such as milk, sun and cleansing your face more than you actually should. These things can make your skin dry and eventually acne will come faster and certainly even worse than before.

Facial Mask therapy

The mask therapy is a good option when you have a lot of acne around your face. It covers all your face, so you will not miss anything

The disadvantage about this product, is you can only use on your face since it’s a mask , in this sense you will have to look for other alternatives if your acne is located in another area of your body besides your face. However it works really well for those whose main acne problem is on their face

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