LED Light Therapy

Smoking and old age are the two major causes of wrinkles appearance. Whereas for one you can do something about it: quit smoking. The other is just a natural stage of life in which we’re all subjected. Women are usually more self-conscious about this inevitable process of the human being than men, but this doesn’t mean men aren’t.

Technology grows fast and so does medicine . Even though science hasn’t progressed fast enough to the point of keeping our skin young forever, it has helped to disguise the unwanted wrinkles. There are many products in the market that assure you a full wrinkles removal in a matter of minutes. And we’ve seen those everywhere, from creams that promise you a complete skin rejuvenation to -what they call- nature supplements pills.


Rejuvenating Creams: PROS

There are many different brands for rejuvenating creams and most provide quite the same features.

  • Usually rejuvenating creams help with dry skin soothing it
  • They protect you against moisture loss and improve the skin’s moisture capabilities. Most are high in vitamins, which help nourishing the skin and giving it a radiant glow
  • Rejuvenating creams smooth wrinkles and firms as well as tones skin
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Rejuvenating Creams: CONS

The problem with rejuvenating creams is that many people can not use them, specially if they have oily skin. Since rejuvenating creams are usually hydrating dry skin, some of them are made with natural oils that help smoothing the skin. But if your skin is already smooth enough, this could potentially lead into acne and/or pimples problems.

Most of rejuvenating creams are not completely made of natural ingredients. In fact half of the product is made of chemicals and acids, so if your skin is very sensitive, this could affect you in many different ways (redness, irritation and so on …)

The body is extremely adaptable so, the more you use these products, the less effective they will become.

Supplement Pills: PROS

  • All natural ingredients
  • Increase your energy levels and body’s production of human growth with amino acids
  • You can buy supplement pills without medical prescription
  • A marine plant extract reduces the damage done by molecules
  • Amino Acids lower cholesterol levels and also affect positively type 2 diabetes ( which is linked to obesity)

Supplement Pills: Cons

There are not many medical evidences that Supplement pills actually work.
Side effects are to be expected with this kind of treatment, specially when overtaken daily doses.


These products can help but maybe the results you were expecting are very far from the reality you actually wished for. Some are just a little bit better than others, but again, they won’t make you younger, that’s not the whole point because no one has yet discovered the formula! But of course, there are plenty of alternatives and solutions, one of them is LED Light Therapy Panel. It might sound new to you, but actually LED Light Therapy Panel is one of the best options for anti-aging. Whereas some product can affect your skin, LED therapy doesn’t have any side effects. There is no risk of suffering from redness or any other skin condition. The treatment is not only completely painless, but also is pretty safe. The device probably looks like one hard to manage, but in fact it’s intuitive and easy to use.

LED Therapy Panel : PROS

  • Compared to other treatments and/or devices, therapy panel is a full-face wrinkle reduction, it covers your entire face , so you will not need to do it several times.
  • Therapy Panel is absolutely painless. You don’t have to worry about that, because you will not feel a thing.
  • LED Therapy improves blood circulation and changes the molecular structure of water on elastin.
  • When the light penetrates the skin and builds collagen, it powers up natural healing properties
  • Led Light Therapy heals other body’s conditions such as muscle pain and reduces inflammation as well.
  • No chemicals or acids with LED therapy panel
  • While rejuvenating creams become less effective over time, the results with LED light do not diminish over time.
  • No side effects. Suitable for oily, dry and sensitive skin
  • The panels are removable and also you don’t need to use your hands when you’re using the panel because it remains stable
  • The average time is between 10 and 15 minutes, and the device will automatically turn off when treatment is over. dpl-ii-full-face-wrinkle-reduction-light-therapy-panel_front_1024x1024.jpg

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LED Therapy Panel : Cons

The device itself is pretty big, so it might be a little bit uncomfortable if you want to take it with you when you travel.

Another inconvenient is that you can not do anything else when using the therapy panel, because your face has to be entirely placed in the panel, so you can not turn your head towards any side during the session. *(But it’ll take you only 10 minutes!)

Some people find this device pretty uncomfortable because they’re not used to it, but there are other smaller and similar devices.

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