25 Wrinkle Reduction tips

When it comes to dealing with aging skin it’s not a hopeless battle against time. There are things to avoid, things to add more of, and treatments that you can utilize to help reduce and prevent the onset of wrinkles and lines, as well as their appearance.

5 Things to stop doing right this minute!

Stop doing these 5 things today to prevent the skin damage that causes wrinkles to appear sooner, bolder, and deeper.


Studies have shown that smoking reduces collagen production and ages the skin sooner and more drastically.

Excess sunlight/tanning

Tanning and the sun have the harmful UV rays that will slowly destroy your skin over time. Or even worse: it can lead to skin cancer.

Drinking Caffeine

Caffeine strains your body in a myriad of ways, and encourages you to strain it in other ways too. Wean yourself off the drug (yes, caffeine is an actual drug) by switching from coffee to tea, and then from tea to nothing. If you can’t break the habit altogether, stick to tea.

Using Soap!

Whhhaaattt? Yeah! Using soap on your face is actually a big no-no. Soap dries your skin out, stunts the natural (and healthy) oil production, and ends up doing more harm than good. When you wash your face use a cleanser rather than a sudsing sort of soap.


Tap water often is too hash for the skin on your face, washing frequently can dry it out and stunt the natural oil production that is necessary to maintain a natural and healthy glow.

5 ways to use food to fight wrinkles!

It’s not necessarily just stopping some bad habit or another that can fight wrinkles, these

Vita Activate


5 good diet tips will do the trick!

Eat a healthy diet

“Well duh” you’re probably thinking, but making sure you get your 5 fruits and veggies a day will make sure your skin will glow!
Get plenty of vitamins A,C, and E
Stock up on citrus fruits and your leafy greens! The darker the better and Kale is the best!

Eat lots of salmon

Salmon is full of omega 3 fatty acids which are great for the heart and the skin!
Eat high anti-oxidant rich foods
Anti-oxidants are more than just a flashy buzz-word for the foodies in the world. They’re great body and skin health promoting items.

Eat more Cocoa

Yeah, I said it; eat more chocolate, especially if it’s dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has the highest concentration of cocoa, and less of the acne inducing sugar. Cocoa isn’t just good for your skin, but for your hear too.
5 natural and at home methods to treat and prevent wrinkles

Coconut Oil

It’s a bit high in trans fats to be a good food for eating, but as a DIY lotion base it’s a great top pick. It does incredible things to your skin, (and hair) when applied topically.

Olive Oil

Straight olive oil rubbed on the skin twice a day works great as a cleanser and rejuvenator. Make sure to thoroughly rinse it off with lukewarm water or it could end up filling your pores too.

Lemon juice treatment

This one is my favorite; it is also really helpful for acne too! Slice a lemon in half and rub it on/near the problem areas. Be careful of your eyes though, lemon juice in the eye is one of the least fun things to happen.

Egg whites

Whip up some egg whites and use as a mask for about 10 minutes at a time. It’ll help pull the skin tighter and replace some proteins that get lost from time to time.
Sleep on your back
Sleeping on your side or on your face can create long term creases and wrinkles on your face. Sleeping on your back redistributes the pressure evenly so you’re not risking unevenness and wrinkles. This one is tricky for people who sleep on their side, but it is well worth it!

5 Serious treatments (for serious cases)

Sometimes prevention and light-inspired treatments aren’t enough. When it’s time to break out the big guns it’s time to consider a few of these options:


Dermabrasion is a rather hardcore method of exfoliating the skin. While it’s usually done in a spa setting, there’s also a plethora of machines that you can purchase and use at home. The machine rotates in such a way as to remove dead skin, which reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin blemishes.

Light Therapy

LED light therapy is a surprisingly effective method for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, acne, and other facial blemishes that age a person. Most LED therapy devices (if not all) are completely UV free, which means there’s really no downside. This is another “usually at the spa” sort of treatment, but again, there’s a wide array of devices on the market to bring this spa style relaxation and refreshing anti-aging treatments into the comfort of your own home.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are like taking a rejuvenating mask and upping it by a factor of at least 10X more intense. Don’t try to DIY these, get a kit, or better yet go to the spa and let a professional handle it. You won’t regret the results!


Botox is the “shortcut” treatment; it is also the most invasive. It’s achieved by having a plastic surgeon inject collagen directly into your face. Sometimes there are side effects, but if you know you don’t have a bad reaction, it makes a great and easy short term solution

Growth Factors

Growth factors may not be invasive, but they’re intensive. They’re applied topically and promote hardcore growth and rejuvenation in skin cells, especially growth in collagen and elastin. These can easily be purchased for home use, just make sure to do your research and pick the one that will do the best for you.
5 Common sense solutions
Not everything is a change or a ointment or even really a trick. Sometimes it’s just a few common sense fixes!

Sleep enough

Get all the sleep you need, it will help keep your skin looking refreshed, and you looking young.

Wear your glasses

Squinting gives you more lines.

Use a good moisturizer

Not all moisturizers are created equal; make sure you pick out the right one.
Smile, don’t frown. Frowning lines give you an older look when the lines start to appear.

Don’t fuss too much

Worrying and stressing over how your skin is aging is only going to make it age faster! Find the right regimen that fits for you and don’t fret over the rest of it! A youthful appearance is more than just your face, it’s the way you feel too.

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